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Secondary School




UG03-Designing an Integrated Cloud Based System for Controlling and Monitoring Autonomous IoT Device

UG04-Bus model with speedometer


UG06-Artificial Intelligence for Classical Music composition in different eras

UG07-Fining Website

UG08-Intelligent Scroll

UG09-Ai traffic analyzation by sound processing

UG10-Jerkin Psalm

UG11-Short Term Load Forecast using Machine Learning

UG12-Deep Learning for Stock Risk Management

UG13-A Game Generator for Sliding Puzzles

UG14-The AutoClean

UG15-EYEDENTIFY: A mobile application for improving the self-esteem of dementia patients in their social life with machine learning

UG16-Real time simulation for solar energy system testbed in Hong Kong

UG17-Elderly E-Party

UG18-Thermal camera temperature measurement system using embedded machine learning

UG19-Walking Assistant for the Visually Impaired with Hand-Held LIDAR through Machine Learning

UG20-University RPG

UG21-Smart Traffic Control System

UG22-Project Devum

UG23-Automatic braking system assistant (traffic light)

UG24-Forward by words



UG27-Enabling RFID readers to detect RFID tags on metal surfaces

UG28-One-step Photocatalysis Station

UG29-Smart Mirror for Salon



PG01-Development of Thin Thermal Ground Planes for Electronic Cooling

PG02-A Method for Online Auditory Assessment and Therapy on Pattern Recognition under COVID-19 Pandemic

PG03-A Novel Energy-free and Environment-friendly Passive Radiative Cooling Paint for Building Energy Saving and Decarbonisation

PG04-Investigation of SAW Filter with Interdigital Transducer Parametric Variation by FEM Simulation and In-House Fabrication

PG05-Organic e-fuel for Sustainable Green Vehicle Technology

PG06-Development of a Thermal-camera-based Body Temperature Measurement System Using Embedded AI Technology

PG07-Electrifying the Nitrogen Cycle: An Electrochemical Endeavor



ON02-Optimizing Station Design through a Crowd Simulation Model – MassMotion

ON03-Application of the Concept of Digital Twin in Enhanced Design of Thermal Management in Existing Data Centres

ON04-Medium Access Control with Efficient Medium Utilization

ON05-Smart Air Quality (SAQ) Monitoring System

ON06-Pathogen Prediction Modeling

ON07-Automatic Radar-based Intelligent Shunting Application (ARISA)

ON08-Transformation of Smart Toilet through Internet of Things (IoT)

ON09-Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Accident Prevention System for Escalators

ON10-Smart Watchdog for Human Factors in Railway Systems