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Secondary School

SS01 – New Era of Recycling-the Paper Packages of Drinks

SS02 – INCIPE Development Kit (EDU Edition)

SS03 – Purifying-Cookerhood

SS04 – The Smart Student Desk

SS05 – AI Wooden Man Post for Senior Citizens

SS06 – Shoe Cabinet Disinfection System

SS07 – Health Protect Helmet (HPH)

SS08 – Dr. Joint

SS09 – GRIPtech

SS10 – Green Tablet Sanitizer

SS11 – MAGNET-ficent skateboards

SS12 – Smart Direction Gloves

SS13 – Colour Warning for Water Quality

SS14 – Photocatalysts -VOC terminator

SS15 – Undersea Farming IOT Robot System

SS16 – 21st century medicine system

SS17 – Driver Drowsiness System

SS18 – Parkinson’s Disease Tester

SS19 – Smart Toilet

SS20 – Super Skin


SS22 – WE $ave

SS23 – StandFit


SD01 – A.I. Based Smart Crossroad

SD02 – Smart Exercise

SD03 – Cat’s Eye: Media Insights Analyser

SD04 – A UV Sterilizing Device for Ventilating Pipe of Drainage System

SD05 – All Screens

SD06 – Non Wearable AI Elderly Home

SD07 – Callouts

SD08 – ImmersiveKit – A Portable AR / VR Development Framework

SD09 – SIGNCHAT – an AI Powered Sign Language Translator

SD10 – Smart Elderly Watching U Monitoring System

SD11 – Smart Emergency Corridor Monitoring System

SD12 – Smart Door Watchout with Facial Recognition

SD13 – Smart Baby Sitter


UG01 – Innovative Construction Safety Auditing System using Smart Contract Platform— “Construction Safety Audit with Blockchain” (CSAB)) Platform

UG02 – Regenerative Fan Wing Plane

UG03 – Drone Delivery System

UG04 – Eyesisstant

UG06 – Busk King

UG07 – Magnetic Digital Frame

UG08 – Shelfitor

UG09 – Early Diagnosis of Scoliosis in Children from RGB-D Images Using Deep Learning

UG10 – A Chinese Character Training Mobile Application for Dyslexia Children through Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

UG11 – Train Data Analysis for Mass Transit Railway (MTR)

UG12 – Thermochromic Hydrogel Microparticles for Smart Windows

UG14 – Vista

UG15 – The Mechanical Inclined Platform Lift

UG16 – On Wings

UG17 – The Mobile Application – Find Your Shifu


UG19 – Formula Student (HKU Racing)

UG20 – Drone Security System

UG21 – Chatbot Travel Agency

UG22 – Continuous Dynamic Road Marking

UG23 – Automatic solar tracking system on Mars by 4D printing

UG24 – The Electronic Menu

UG25 – An Online Platform To Create Your Own Opportunity In The Job Market

UG26 – Azumos: A Smart Adaptive Facade System

UG27 – Bloomfuel

UG28 – Multi-vehicle Coordination for Autonomous driving

UG29 – Green building with energy saving system in water supply

UG30 – Vesper-Smart Glasses for the Visually Impaired


PG01 – A New Optimization Algorithm For the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)

PG02 – A Robotic Line Scanner System for Autonomous Surface Defect Inspection of Shiny Objects

PG03 – AI offshore wind energy visualization prediction website

PG05 – Drug repurposing for COVID-19: a knowledge graph approach

PG06 – Sustainable Energy: Energy storage and thermal management of solar cells via Phase Change Materials

PG07 – Low-cost High Performance Passive Radiative Cooling Paint in Building Applications for Smart City of Hong Kong

PG08 – The Sustainable Future is Redox Flow Battery-Powered

PG09 – A Novel COVID-19 Quarantine Directive: Optimized Dynamic Geofencing

PG10 – Load Forecasting for Renewable Energy Integration


ON01 – Automatic Relay Monitoring Application (ARMA) with IoT LoRa Communication

ON02 – Detection of Rail Corrugation By Means of Supervised Machine Learning Technology

ON03 – Development of a Common Spatial Data Infrastructure – Built Environment Application Platform

ON04 – Modu-Link

ON05 – Self-ventilation system for odor & infection control in aircraft toilets

ON06 – Island in Blue

ON07 – Online Circuit Breaker Monitoring System

ON09 – ConSense

ON10 – Industrialization of Construction Process through I & T – Quarantine Camp

ON11 – Reborn existing buildings by AirPort Energy: a low-cost, ready-to-use air quality and energy management solution

ON12 – Cooling Water Culvert Surveys by Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

ON13 – Equipment Maintenance Model using Artificial Intelligence

ON14 – Real-time Train Seat Availability System for Airport Express Line

ON15 – Action Learning Project – An Innovative Training Method for CLP Graduate Trainees