Pitching Video Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG27 – Bloomfuel

The most imminent threats to the environment include excessive waste production and ramifications from the extraction, usage, and purification of fossil fuels. Alternative fuel, while viable, strains our agricultural resources and entails diminished biodiversity. Hence, the only sustainable solution is the repurposing of waste, such as sewage, due to its rich nutrient profile and ability to support algal blooms. Microalgae can be an effective tool in the next generation of wastewater treatment, performing the same function as the currently deployed bacteria. These microalgae can further be genetically modified to effectively remove organic nutrients from the sewage medium and act as a powerhouse to produce the biofuel of our choice ranging from biodiesel to biogasoline. The entire process takes place in a greenhouse, which enables the control of all limiting factors: CO2, temperature, and sunlight to ensure optimal conversion levels. The demand for fuel in human society will never cease to exist, our superfluous waste may just be the only remaining sustainable source we can rely on.