Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG25 – An Online Platform To Create Your Own Opportunity In The Job Market

Leveraging on the collaborative potential enabled by the internet, we aim to develop a web application to help individuals create their own opportunity in the job market. Our web application will cater for a wide range of industries ranging from technology to art, and thus we would be providing an online platform for users to post or search for projects from a wide range of industries. Through this platform our users can be inspired and receive holistic support in their projects; as fellow passionate users can contribute their part and investors can also reach out to the project owner which can provide substantial support to the development of the project. Further funding opportunities will also be provided by connecting the user to relevant events, exhibitions or competitions hosted that could be found in the web app, and assistance to the collaborative work are also provided in the form of a curated list of e-learning resources. This web is aimed to deliver a unique and easy experience for our users to create their own opportunities remotely in the job market.