Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG19 – Formula Student (HKU Racing)

Electrification of transportation system has gained significant momentum in recent years. The transportation industry and government are now putting in great effort to aid the transition from combustion-powered to fully electric vehicles. Traditionally motorsports have been at the forefront of technology development for vehicle design. The advances made on the racetrack can often be found on commercially available passenger vehicle years afterward. Motorsports will help advance the development of electric vehicles for more comfort and performance. A group of young engineers put their knowledge in use and created HKU Racing team. With the goal to enable our future engineers the ability and skills to transform our society to be less carbon dependent. HKU Racing is a student motorsports team from the University of Hong Kong which competes in Formula Student UK(FSUK). In this prestigious international competition, we are required to design and build a formula-style, single-seater, open-wheel race car and compete with other university teams from around the world. We have designed a fully electric race car (HKUR01) that will compete in FSUK2020 & 2021. Our project provides a proving ground for our young engineers to showcase their brilliant engineering skills.