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In the last decade, electricity generation in Hong Kong has been maintained between the levels of 35 to 40 TWh per year. However, a significant portion of this is subject to overconsumption and non-consequential usage of electricity by each household in Hong Kong. This has led to significant wastage of electric power. Studies on this matter conducted by The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong estimated that Hong Kong pays $767 million more on electricity per year because of their habit of wasting power. But, what if we could track our energy consumption on a real-time basis and take necessary action with help of the data received? And why limit ourselves just to power consumption? Enter CONSTANCE. A software application that will help you keep track of all your household necessities like electricity, water supply, gas, etc. CONSTANCE will give you simple and efficient real-time updates of your consumption patterns. This app will help you take the appropriate actions to save these valuable resources from being wasted. The application draws data directly from the service providers, apartment meters as well as from smart appliances to provide information directly to the user. The user, by referring to the given data, will be educated on when and how their electricity, water or gas is getting wasted.

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Great idea on Energy conservation with Constance – Home Energy Management. In this day and age, conservation is more important, provided there are tools available to basic consumers on utilization of Energy. Measuring energy consumption in some measurable units per hour and over billing period combined with comparatives to neighboring demographic data could be truly put to use.

Great concept! Giving the user the ability to take control over their electricity/ water consumption is a nice way to remind them to be efficient and promote sustainability.

Very Good Initiative. Saves lots of money got wasted on Electricity charges. Well done.

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