Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG15 – The Mechanical Inclined Platform Lift

Incline Platform Lifts can be seen around public stairways in Hong Kong, in MTR stations, on footbridges and in shopping malls. They can give the disabled a shortcut to go from level to level, and spare institutions the time and cost for installing an elevator. However they have their own problems; though their installation cost is lower than a elevator, it is still considerable, and the numerous electrical components inside these lifts can contribute to high maintenance costs especially when exposed to the elements. Staff may be needed to operate these devices, which again increase the hassle when the disabled use them. To offset these problems, this project aims to create a fully user-operated Incline Platform Lift system, using minimal moving parts and try to be as compatible with existing systems as possible, in order to maximize reliability and lower cost. This design surrounds moving a Platform with a water-mediated counterweight connected to a cable system, much like early funicular railways but with added automation and safety devices; a more detailed technical layout shall be included in later documents.