Pitching Video Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG11 – Train Data Analysis for Mass Transit Railway (MTR)

Hong Kong’s rail system which offers connectivity throughout the city has a good performance record in terms of reaching destinations on time. However, rail systems are not foolproof and may suffer from disruptions, such as technical failures and accidents, leading to delays. At present, there exists no conclusive technological response platform for mitigating the impact of such mishaps and offering relevant, real-time recommendations for optimizing the handling of incidents. The thesis project explores a solution in the form of a recommendation engine which can simulate various scenarios and thereby propose effective responses to potential mishaps. The report therefore, acts as a platform for discussing the potential application, benefits and challenges of utilizing technology in transport systems and in particular, railway networks. The work discusses the available technological choices and various development approaches and compares them, also discussing relevant works of literature offering domain expertise, constraints faced during the project and remedial measures taken to tackle them. Future prospects of the project include automation of the entire rail network, from automated generation of timetables to driverless trains. For the purpose of this project, the authors have partnered with the Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTR) Limited of Hong Kong.