Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG08 – Shelfitor

Shelfitor – your very own shelf monitor. When we visited the elderly centres in Hong Kong, we noticed incredible organization. All shelf racks were designated to one item, and elderly care-takers would come in once a week to monitor the stock. With numerous rooms, they would manually visit each room, monitor stock, then go organize stock and then rearrange it. I remember one of the elderly members telling me – the care-takers were once able to spend quality time with them, but now, because of the amount of workload they have, they no longer could. Mrs Ashley Choi , an elderly care worker in the centre, she told us that a worker was assigned to every floor for this activity and spent 20 man hours a week just doing this activity. 11 workers in any residential care home for elderly in HK, will be spending 220 man hours engaging in this activity, instead of spending quality time with the aging population of Hong Kong. Our tiles simply have to be placed on the rack of a shelf, and are in-built with technology that recognizes the weight of items placed on it, and stores any changes. If the weight of the shelf falls below a certain threshold, an alert will be shown on the dashboard, from which care-takers can easily detect shortage, and replenish accordingly.