Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG07 – Magnetic Digital Frame

With technology advancement, smartphones nowadays are commonly integrated with high-resolution cameras, incorporating multi-lens features, precise AI support and optical zoom capabilities, which deliver quality photography experience. Given the great accessibility and reliable performance, more are eager to opt for a smartphone when it comes to photography. In order to provide a more accessible way to review the precious moments captured by our smartphones, we came up with an idea to upgrade the existing digital frames in several aspects for a more user-friendly experience. We found out that most digital frames currently available in the market are featured with built-in storage and syncing function, yet they are constrained to be placed on flat surface, with limited size and unsatisfying resolution. Therefore, we would like to put forth our idea to improve the design based on current features. Not only does our proposed digital frame feature in cloud services with Instagrm, Facebook etc, and remote control with smartphones, it is also capable of being hung on a whiteboard-like wall mount with inductive charging function and free-angle rotation. We believe our 20-inch design with 1080p HD display would provide a quality using experience and other features would be discussed in our proposal.