Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG03 – Drone Delivery System

Nowadays, it is more popular to purchase daily products or fresh raw food through delivery. It can be foreseen that there are still a large potential of delivery proven by the thriving of Amazon in America, SF Express in Mainland China and HKTV in Hong Kong. Moreover, the recent COVID-19 raises public awareness to hygiene. They prefer purchase online to reduce the chance to go outside to protect themselves. In order to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery system, we propose a delivery system that could take advantage of the modern development in drones to transport goods, therefore achieving a high efficiency and low cost of delivery. With the rapid development of e-commerce, the market potential of delivery would continue to growth. With the use of drone, the industry could reduce the reliance on labor, especially in places like Hong Kong which the labor costs is very high, and so we could enjoy a cheaper goods without the needs of leaving home, open up more business opportunity for “remote” places. The delivery system would use drone to deliver the goods to the target customer. The system could be mostly controlled by computer with minimal human intervention.