Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG01 – Innovative Construction Safety Auditing System using Smart Contract Platform— “Construction Safety Audit with Blockchain” (CSAB)) Platform

Within the past 2 decades, several unsatisfactory performance of construction safety has been recorded in Hong Kong. Surprisingly, it has been found 1700 injuries with 6 fatal cases in the civil engineering and construction industry in the first half of 2018 only. Although there is a decreasing trend of construction safety accidents reflected by statistical figures, the inaccuracy of construction health and safety data still exists, namely the intentious cheating and negligence in treating the safety audit data. Such fake information not just hinders public to realise the true picture of construction accidents, but also causes significant economic loss to the society. In this regard, “Construction Safety Audit with Blockchain” (CSAB) under Smart Contract Platform (SCP) and hyperledeger, which is innovative to the entire construction industry, proposed to eliminate the human errors on safety auditing in construction industry. Composing of smart contract and hyperledger, this blockchain can allow the exchange of construction safety information between different interested parties and monitored by the platform. It will be also be a great honour for CityU to have this innovative platform of blockchain to contribute the construction industry, as well as becoming the leader of blockchain in local universities.