Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG17 – The Mobile Application – Find Your Shifu

Technology can serve as a bridge between traditional skill preservation and business. In Hong Kong, many skilled workers including electricians, plumbers, scaffold constructors and renovation workers are of the older generation. These jobs require highly skilled workers, who are essential to our daily life. However, people often find it difficult to reach them as many old skilled workers may not have the access to promote themselves. Also, young people do not opt for these types of work as their career as they refuse to learn due to the lack of skills. This can cause the disappearance of these industries. To solve this problem, our idea is to develop a mobile application as a community for these skilled workers to promote themselves and their business. The name of the app is “Find Your Shifu”, the word “Shifu” means skilled workers in Cantonese pronunciation. Users can search for the right “Shifu” by comparing their districts, prices and reviews. With this online-to-offline commercial strategy, users can book their “Shifu” and leave reviews on our app. For further development, a “Shifu” academy can be established by the workers to recruit learners on the app so their skills can be passed to the next generation.