Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS23 – StandFit

StandFit is suitable for people from all walks of life, especially those concerned with posture-related and eyesight problems due to the prolonged use of mobile devices. StandFit is a multi-stand which aims to rectify debilitating habits, helping users develop a healthy lifestyle. Functional StandFit comes with an automatic, adjustable surface which maintains a recommended reading distances. It encourages good sitting posture that benefits both physical and mental health. If users move too close while reading, StandFit will warn them. Sufficient illumination is ensured by an intensity-adjustable LED connected to light sensors installed in StandFit. A timer paired with a display board and speaker will alert users to rest after prolonged use and do eye relaxing exercises. Inclusive StandFit caters for users’ needs by extending the support board. It can be used with phones, ipads or books. Thoughtful City living can be stressful. StandFit displays/speaks pre-selected encouraging statements to inspire and cheer users. Users can choose and input messages easily through a mobile app. StandFit, Go for it!

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