Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS22 – WE $ave

The lack of awareness of Hong Kong citizens in water conservation causes the wasting of resources. Through online questionnaires, the team realized the problems relating poor habits in water usage and created WE $ave, a comprehensive solution to saving household water and electricity, and promoting effective use of resources. WE $ave Water The system applies an infra-red sensor which allows a water flow only when necessary. It also has a temperature-controlled valve and no water is wasted before it reaches a designated temperature. To promote an awareness of water conservation, a water-meter is connected through IoT to a phone app, and this facilitates using data for analysis and the proper planning of water use. WE $ave Electricity The system applies instant heating from a ceramics heater at the outlet. This increases efficiency and reduces energy loss in tanks and pipes. The unique function of a generator run by wastewater supplements energy use of the system and encourages the use of wastewater. WE $ave is easy to install by directly fitting to any tap. It is reasonably priced and will be highly popular on the market because of its varied and unique features in helping to save water, electricity and money.

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