Pitching Video Secondary School YPEC 2020


What is hearing impaired people? Hearing-impaired people are people which have normal vision but not be able to discover things outside their field of vision, they may not be able to hear the sound so that easily caused inconvenience and even dangers to their daily lives. Also, phubbers who are wearing headphones and watch their electronic devices. seldom pay attention to the surrounding environment. This situation is like a person without the senses of vision and hearing. The sleeping people on the train are just the same as the phubbers that they may miss the station where they want to get off. Therefore, we have invented “DEAF”. We collect the sounds of everyday life to train the neural network of artificial intelligence by machine learning. It can separate the noise in an environment and distinguish specific sounds of different events. We have designed a wearable device with vibration motors and send out instant messages on smartphones to notify the users to identify dangers or things worth paying attention to.

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