Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS20 – Super Skin

Nowadays, technology of sensation aid is advanced, appliances like hearing aid and prosthetic eye that assist ones’ hearing and vision are existing respectively. However, haptic aspect of this technology seems to remain absent. Prosthetic users, diabetes patients, as well as patients whose Neural System are damaged, have little haptic sensation, thus they often get injured as they don’t feel and touch their surroundings. Aiming for improvement of this scenario, this product “Super Skin” makes use of pressure sensors to record the strength and coordination of the pressure applied by the object that the feedback will be sent instantly to the user’s phone through an app to let the user know where is the object, and how large the force from object is. The thermochromic powder added in the skin will make the skin change its colour when hot or cold object is contacted. As a result, the disabled users can find out substantial information of the object by touching. The skin is wearable and flexible, making this product very convenient to use while not fearing to be damaged. We hope this product can act as a compensation of the lost sensation, enhancing the quality of life of a needy person.

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