Pitching Video Poster Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS18 – Parkinson’s Disease Tester

Chu Tsz Ying, Ho Kai Yui, Lau Yu Hin, Wu Chi Shing

Parkinson’s disease is a disease that affects the nervous system. Elderly people should seek medical advice immediately when they discover their symptoms. However the early symptoms of this disease are not obvious. Elderly can check whether they have the disease in hospital, but they need to wait for a long period and they may miss the best time for treatment. Therefore, we design and prepare a device called “Parkinson’s Disease Tester”. Jetson nano is microcontroller used in this tester to help elderly people detect Parkinson’s symptoms as early as possible. It uses “artificial intelligence” and “deep learning” technologies to check the spirals and waves drawn by the elderly using webcam, and preliminarily judge if the elderly have symptoms of Parkinson’s disease based on their drawing. For the society: l The tester allows the elderly to perform the test at home, i.e. reduce the workload of the medical staff l The tester helps promote health messages l The tester can awake society’s concern for Parkinson’s disease For manufacturers, due to the low production cost and the large number of elderly people, it has commercial value. For users, the tester is easy to operate, and the test results are accurate and reliable.

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