Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS16 – 21st century medicine system

21st century medicine system Chan Min Yui, Lai Haocheng, Tan Yongjian Elderly people, due to weak visibility, always take medicine in improper way and forget to take medicine. The result of this is that they cannot recover their health. To assist them, we design and make a product called 21st century medicine system. The system includes: l Medicine labeling software l Medicine descriptor device l Medicine taking reminder Medicine labeling software (written using Microsoft Visual Basic) cooperates with the RFID reader to write the medicine information (function, storage method, side effects and medicine dosage) in the RFID label, and then the dispenser can stick the medicine label on the medicine bag. The elderly people can read the medicine information through the Medicine descriptor device (Arduino UNO as microcontroller, with RFID card reader and mp3 player as the electronic appliances used in the device). Medicine taking reminder (Arduino Mega 2560 as microcontroller) can remind the elderly people to take the medicine one minute before the time at which they need to take the medicine. It can also check whether ambient temperature is suitable for storing the medicine or not. The elderly people can also check the last time they took the medicine to conform if they have forgotten to take the medicine.

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