Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS15 – Undersea Farming IOT Robot System

We have adopted the idea of undersea farming owing to the agricultural problems raised in recent decades. The model is only a miniature of our system. Our entire plan is to build an undersea farm along the coast of Hong Kong. The undersea farm has many towers having the main part below the sea level while the dome-shaped tops of the towers are above the sea level for the solar panels to generate electricity from solar energy. The electricity will be supplied to the LED light and the planting machine in every tower. In addition, there is a desalination plant along the coast line to provide fresh water for irrigating the crops in the farm. Being only the miniature of the towers, the model just demonstrates the operation process of the towers. Every tower contains one planting machine which can provide auto-planting including laying seeds, irrigating and harvesting. In addition, Internet of Things (IOT) is included in our system. The data of the system, say the temperature, humidity, air quality and light intensity, will be collected and uploaded to the Internet to monitor and control the system remotely by the engineers and technicians. It helps the process to be more convenient and effective.

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