Pitching Video Poster Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS11 – MAGNET-ficent skateboards

In defiance of pop-up trends flooding into teenagers’ interest circles this millenial, the remarkable trend of skateboarding has once again made its way up to the list. In order to facilitate novices an assured heart for skateboarding, our key is to introduce a magnetic-based balancing gadget for newbies. This widget touches on Weber’s theory of magnetism, which involves ​the consideration of how likely charged particles repel according to the theory. Every molecule of a magnetic substance is a complete magnet itself, which has a north pole and a south pole of equal strength. When the substance is magnetized, the molecular magnets are realigned so the north poles of all molecular magnets point in one direction while the south poles point in the opposite direction. In our design, we hope to balance the skater’s weight with the magnets on the designed skating trail and beneath the skateboard. Initially, the ground and the skateboard have the same magnet pole, thus naturally repel each other. When one loses balance on a side, the repelling force then prevents the skater from falling. Summarizing, this invention assists learners to achieve stability during their foundational practices through securing their balance, thus enhancing their self-esteem in skateboarding.

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