Pitching Video Poster Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS08 – Dr. Joint

Project Objectives: The problems of joint and spine are increasing in 21th century. Thus, more and more human from 21th century are having more and more joint and spine confirmed diagnosis. In order to solve the above problems, so we created our product, “Dr. Joint” Major Concept: For solving the problems, we want to stop and minimize joint and spine confirmed diagnosis and prevent and help patient which suffered from above problems. Technology We use a flex sensor and a gyroscope (GPU6050), sticking on a neck band and a back bend. If the user’s neck or back bend posture over five seconds with 25 degrees, a buzzer and a phone ring up to remind user adjust their posture. Application The using way of “Dr. Joint” can be applied to different situation, we can use while we walking, watching phone, jogging, or even wear it while wearing heavy packaging at our back.