Pitching Video Poster Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS07 – Health Protect Helmet (HPH)

Problems nowadays The weather is extreme and very HOT in summer because of the Goble Warming, so it is difficult for the outdoor workers. Outdoor working will increase the chance of getting heat stroke. So, there are people died. Furthermore, some workers may have latent disease such as High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy and so on. Our Mission In order to solve this problem, we created a product called Health Protect Helmet (HPH). Our product is divided into three parts. Firstly, we use brainwave sensor to check whether worker is in Coma, Epilepsy or High blood pressure. Secondly, we install a DHT22 to check surrounding temperature and humidity. Thirdly, we have added a system website. If worker is in danger, smartphone will ring up and the status will be shown on our system website. Reference In this project, we used the Mind footprint created in 2015 as a reference, such as the function of Epilepsy detection and Coma detection, except for the DHT22 and the detection of high blood pressure (beta wave), for details about it, please check the YouTube link provided below: