Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS04 – The Smart Student Desk

The Smart Student Desk is a multi-function smart desk specially designed for students to carry out their daily routines and tasks conveniently. It features a posture detection alarm function that alerts a student when it detects that he or she is sitting in an improper posture. In addition, it has user-friendly functions such as automatic on/off switching of lights and schedule display. The hardware devices used for our project include a small screen, light sensors, a pi camera and a raspberry pi. The raspberry pi is embedded in the desk for displaying notifications and schedules and giving alarm signals. The pi camera is used for detecting the user’s posture. The light sensors are used to detect environmental conditions and automatically turn on or off room lights. We hope that with its practical features, the Smart Student Desk can help users go about their usual daily business in a more comfortable and productive way.