Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS03 – Purifying-Cookerhood

Hong Kong is a densely populated city with a shortage of land for housing development. As a result, many Hong Kong residents live in poor cramped living conditions, giving rise to the prevalence of subdivided flats in the city’s crowded urban areas. Subdivided flat residents have to carry out most of their daily activities in their limited living spaces, including cooking. Cooking produces harmful fumes that may cause asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory diseases. In severe cases, inhalation of cooking fumes may lead to pulmonary fibrosis, or what doctors call the ‘Kitchen Fume Syndrome’. Because of the spaces problem and for economic reasons, many residents of subdivided flats are unable to install an exhaust fan or a cooker hood to cleanse the air inside the flat during cooking. Therefore, we have specially designed a low-priced purifying cooker hood as an inexpensive alternative for these needy city dwellers. Our design combines the air pumping function of a cooker hood and the purifying function of an air purifier into a single appliance that can be sold to low-income urban consumers at an affordable price. The purifying cooker hood filters kitchen exhaust with chemical detergents for purification of the air and extraction of harmful particles. It is also easy to maintain as only the detergents need to be replaced periodically.