Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS02 – INCIPE Development Kit (EDU Edition)

INCIPE Development Kit (EDU Edition) is an open-source, IoT-focused educational kit. There are various topics about programming. For each topic, there will be three levels of difficulties, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The tutorials are performed in our in-house created online platform. The platform has a game-like interface, which keeps learners entertained and motivated. Detailed instructions are provided with animation for users to obtain the most knowledge in a short course. There is also a section for users to add their own code and create their own system. The aim of INCIPE Development Kit (EDU Edition) is to deepen and strengthen people’s application and awareness of Internet-of-Things (IoT). As technology pervades, it is of utmost importance to give younger generations the right tools to become creators of tomorrow. It is hoped that our project can bring users, especially young talents to the next level, transform everyone from users to makers of technology. INCIPE HomeKit (EDU) is just the start of our project. By promoting our educational kit, we wish to discover more talents and encourage them to join the technology industry in the future. INCIPE – Your Partner In Innovation

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Wow wow!! The design is pretty cool, and I believe this project has a huge potential market in that growing EdTech industry at all. Well done and keep going, INCIPE!

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