Secondary School YPEC 2020

SS01 – New Era of Recycling-the Paper Packages of Drinks

Background: For the whole of Hong Kong, there are a number of 43 thousand of paper packages of drinks have been dumped annually. Paper packages of drinks cannot be recycled directly, because it includes paper and a thin piece of plastic coating. Fortunately, the first recycling paper packages company was established recently. But they just collect the clean and treated paper packages. That’s why the recycling number is so limited. Problem and our idea: We promoted to the students for collecting the empty paper packages and treat the packages to be clean and cut into slices. As we are concerning complicated steps to treat the paper packages which also is mechanical work, so we have a special idea to deal with it in a mechanical way. Therefore, a concept of a drink carton treated machine for the collected paper packages was brought out. The treated paper carton will be obtained after the washing and drying process insides the machine. This is not a new technology, but it must be the BEST education tool/chance to enhance a new recycling concept for students if every local schools contain one of this machine.

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