Pitching Video Poster Sub-Degree YPEC 2020

SD13 – Smart Baby Sitter

In Hong Kong, parents are usually busy to work and difficult to take care of their babies in person. They often employ baby sitters and invite grandparents to take care of their babies. However, it is not convenient enough and the babies may not get enough care from the baby sitters. Nowadays, we have a lot of IP cam for 24×7 monitoring of babies. Parents can watch their babies through mobile app and the IP cam. We wish to improve this situation. This project is to insert AI into the IP cam and set alarms. It can detect babies and interpret babies’ emotions, hunger, or any other hidden dangers. First, we have an IP cam to livestream the babies’ situation to the online server. An AI algorithm is built to interpret babies different conditions and situations. Once in danger, their parents will be alerted immediately via SMS.