Pitching Video Poster Sub-Degree YPEC 2020

SD10 – Smart Elderly Watching U Monitoring System

Aging population is coming. The government reckon that there are one third of the elderly in Hong Kong in 2040, and the phenomenon will be increasingly worse as the time goes by. Therefore, we come up with an idea of Smart Elderly ‘Watching U system’. The system includes 3 devices which are smart watch, the mobile app and the Smart Glasses. First, the heart rate function—if the detected heartbeat of the elderly is weird, it will send a message to their children immediately. Second, it has fall down detection. If the elderly fall down on the floor, once the watch detected it, it will send a message to their children for telling the situation. Furthermore, the watch has set the elderly leave their house 500m away, and it will send a message to their children. Of course, children can see the map through the mobile app. Third, we set up an alarm that can be set by their children in the mobile app to remind them. And the QR code function, the children of the elderly can choose the medicine that they need in the mobile app. The helper can simply get right medicine from the pharmacy.