Sub-Degree YPEC 2020

SD06 – Non Wearable AI Elderly Home

“Non wearable AI elderly Home” is an automated AI system to help single elderly. What if an elderly suddenly falls due to a stroke or other health issue without anyone notice? In Hong Kong, there are so many tragedies that elderly results in death. We developed an automated monitoring solution “(Eng)Non-wearable AI Elderly Home” or “(中)無穿戴式(唔洗學)人工智能老人家”could detect such falls and call parents or contact emergency services in a timely manner. It is a combination of AI and robotics technology with the cloud computing to provide multifunctional watchdog system. In current market, the solution for fall detection or SOS functions required smart phones or smart watches. But tiny and touch screen is difficult for elderly, not to mention that they have to carry the device 24/7, after bathing they will always forgot to carry it back.