Sub-Degree YPEC 2020

SD01 – A.I. Based Smart Crossroad

Smart mobility is one of the key elements in the smart city development. Smart crossroad plays a pivotal role for intelligent transport system in smart mobility which aims at solving the problem of uneven distribution of time to both pedestrians and cars and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks. In this project, we propose to make use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) technologies to detect and count the number of vehicles approaching the crossroad and the number of pedestrians waiting on the pavement to cross the road. Based on this information, our smart crossroad controller manages to adaptively control the green light timing so as to facilitate instant need of the traffic condition. For example, if there is no pedestrian waiting on the pavement to cross the road, the controller keeps allowing the vehicles to pass the crossroad until pedestrians are detected. If there are many pedestrians crossing the road while there is only a few vehicles stopping in front of the crossroad, the controller lengthens the green timing for the pedestrians. This smart and adaptive policy in controlling the traffic cameras manages to greatly increase the efficiency of the crossroad.