Pitching Video Poster Postgraduate YPEC 2020

PG09 – A Novel COVID-19 Quarantine Directive: Optimized Dynamic Geofencing

COVID-19 virus appearing at the end of the year 2019 has caused serious damage worldwide with more than 20 million infected cases and 740,000 deaths. To avoid the virus spread, quarantine has been adopted by many countries and regions as an effective method. Current quarantine policies inherit shortfall and need further improvement in two aspects. Firstly, current quarantine scheme adopts strict restrictive measures, which primarily slows down the virus transmission but meanwhile brings huge negative effects of economic loss. Secondly, the reliabilities of current quarantine methods need further improvement. Quarantine without reliable localization potentially provides loophole which results in spreading of COVID-19. To address the captioned shortcomings, a new directive namely Optimized Dynamic Geofencing (ODG) is proposed. ODG replaces the traditional narrow quarantine confinement in a small room/area by a dynamic geofencing area for quarantine. ODG trades off between COVID-19 control and negative consequences. The developed ODG provides a new directive for COVID-19 control and prevention which saves lives and meanwhile reduces economic loss.