Postgraduate YPEC 2020

PG08 – The Sustainable Future is Redox Flow Battery-Powered

Energy is considered the topmost problem humanity will be facing for the next 50 years. Currently, over 800 million people have no access to electricity and due to the ever-growing population, electricity demand is projected to increase. Environmental concerns and energy security issues has also initiated rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. However, these renewable energy sources are affected by change in weather conditions leading to variation in amount of electricity generated by these systems. These challenges can be addressed by use of an energy storage device such as redox flow batteries (RFBs) to provide off-peak/peak power management. This project focuses on developing a competitive energy storage technology by investigating sustainable biomimetic organic materials to be deployed as redox active materials in RFBs. Organic molecules are synthetically tuneable allowing molecules to be tailored to have a combination of all the required properties essential for advancing this competitive technology. In this work, the organic RFB technology is advanced through design and modification of abundant, cheap, environmental-friendly and nature derived organic materials making them ideal redox active material for RFBs. These facilitates achievement of a safe, low-cost and sustainable energy storage system.