Open YPEC 2020

ON09 – ConSense

Construction industry plays an important role in the Hong Kong economy and even the global. However, it has struggled for decades with low productivity and low profitability. Besides, there are loads of news that many construction projects are over budget and delay. The main reason is the quality of the works cannot be achieved, the working condition is unsafe for workers, poor collaboration and the information cannot be well managed. Sensory technology should be used to improve this situation Such as centralizing the information, enhancing collaboration so that all parties from workers to mangers can have a consense to understand the site condition and make insight from the sensory data so that they can work together effectively. Sensor network can be installed at any places on site to capture the data. Workers should connect to the sensors to register for the attendance and get the information by the AI Chatbot of the working place before they start the work. After captured the data, the AI Chatbot can send the useful information to workers to keep their awareness. The sensor can monitor the unsafe condition of working place and capture the unsafe act of workers automatically and send to the manager.