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ON06 – Island in Blue

Island in Blue – a project revealing the possibility of future living style on the ocean.

Facing the serious global threat – sea level rise, due to the warming climate, engineers need to plan ahead for the future challenge. Island in Blue is a “floating island” in the sea to live in the future serving as a lifeboat for people living in low-lying areas. This project performs as a small pilot scheme discovering the feasibility.

The pilot Island can not only be a trial for the future living in the long run, but also facilitate the investigation works of ocean scientists or any other professionals to stay in the sea for a long period of time. Economically, the pilot Island can turn into a hotel for boosting tourism and economic activities in the coastal area.

On the Island, a major power source is solar energy provided by sufficient sunshine on the sea. The green technologies like smart glass, grey water reuse, etc. are applied. With the use of renewable energy and green technology, Island in Blue provides a low-to-zero carbon lifestyle as a self-sufficient structure.

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