Open YPEC 2020

ON04 – Modu-Link

As the world struggles to address the recent pandemic there is an immediate need to develop affordable and sustainable solutions to improve the whole-life monitoring of new and existing building structures.

Although Modular Systems are an existing technique to fast-track production whilst providing a safer environment during manufacturing, their application in the construction industry is not widespread.

Team Modu-vation acknowledges that the Services in structures do not last the structure’s lifetime and this leads to early obsolescence and operational risk.

Using the concept of modularisation of building elements, we propose the development of Modu-Link comprising Modu-Struct, Modu-Serve and Modu-Sense to efficiently & economically manage the whole life of building structures. The Modu-Struct connection system is newly developed to address the major robustness issues criticised for modular structures. Modu-Serve allows easy installation and removal of MEP systems by implementing the use of push-fit fittings and mechanical joint couplings. Modu-Sense will report on real-time vital data from the MEP system allowing predictive maintenance and reduced downtime risk. Modu-Sense’s extensibility will be accommodated remotely by software updates.

Team Modu-vation believes that this combined IoT system will be the key driver for the present and the future of healthy buildings.

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