Open Poster YPEC 2020

ON01 – Automatic Relay Monitoring Application (ARMA) with IoT LoRa Communication

The use of condition monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) communication devices have become crucial in modern railway businesses. They do not only provide real-time data visualization and monitoring for important service-related components, but also safeguard service quality and minimize failures with the support of prescriptive maintenance. A non-invasive real time monitoring device has been invented and developed to measure data for train-borne relays. The design employs a high calibre microprocessor, IoT Long Range (LoRa) infrastructure along trackside and station and the transmission of data to IoT maintenance cloud platform with 4G wireless connection. With self-implemented hardware & software, the device can be adjusted easily based on different needs, ensuring flexibility in applications ranging from trainborne to track-side maintenance. The solution is also fully automatic, requiring minimum installation manpower and is physically isolated from the monitored equipment. Compare with conventional railway maintenance, ARMA allows timely prediction of equipment’s deterioration rate during traffic hours through analysis with in-house maintenance cloud system, making it possible to perform inspection & replacement before breakdown. Prototypes for the proof of concept with LoRa transmission capability via leaky coaxial infrastructure have been developed for the sake of seamless and low-cost connectivity even inside tunnels. With multiple tests conducted in workshops and on-site, the device will become a part of the newly developed IoT LoRa infrastructure of the railway network, highlighting the significance of fast response and automated IoT intelligent solutions in the railway industry.