Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG16 – On Wings

On Wings, representing the hearts of graduating students that will soon take-off their own journey in pursuing their dreams, aim to provide idyllic and iconic architectural structure on the university area which would bring forward students’ identity as a creative and innovative youth, whilst at the same time promoting sustainable green living environment. Two stainless steel bird sculptures are supported on a tree system made with metal rods. The tree would be founded inside some planters, which are connected to a decorative green wall to showcase an eco-friendly environment. Main engineering considerations include the existence of wind load, especially during typhoons as the structure would be located outdoors with little shadings.

9 replies on “UG16 – On Wings”

Liking the bird design concept and the openness of the structure. Great implementation and design!

As an HKUer myself, I am very excited about this new aesthetic addition to the HKU landscape. Truly a testament to HKU students’ intellectual capacity and creativity.

Looks very grand and enjoyable. I could see myself having a nice walk and being able congregate with my schoolmates in that area.

A very interesting project indeed! This project just excited me as an HKUer to see a new side of Haking Wong Building. Wish the team Best of luck! 🙂

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