Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG22 – Continuous Dynamic Road Marking

Traffic congestion has become more frequent and serious on main roads in Hong Kong. According to the Transport Department, the average car journey speeds have been reduced by 5.1% to 22.1% from 2003 to 2018, therefore increasing citizens’ travelling time. Dynamic Road Marking (DRM) has been introduced in the past decades, however, it is not widely used. Making use of lane lights, DRM provides driving assistance and alternative pathways for drivers, relieving regional traffic blockage. Continuous Dynamic Road Marking (CDRM) is proposed as an enhanced version of DRM. Using embedded LED lighting tunnels, CDRM provides continuous solid road markings instead of separate DRM lane lights. Similar to DRM, CDRM will provide clearer road markings and flexibility on road usage. One special feature is that CDRM can change different types of lane lines over different traffic conditions, ie. traffic lane lines can change to solid lines when the region is congested. This is to cope with the characteristic driving behaviour in Hong Kong, which drivers are unwilling to line up and tend to jump the queue, creating more serious bottlenecks. It is expected that CDRM will be a short-term measure to alleviate regional traffic congestion in Hong Kong.