Undergraduate YPEC 2020

UG21 – Chatbot Travel Agency

There is insufficient guidance for tourists who want an authentic experience in Hong Kong nowadays, especially if they value flexibility in trip planning, not to mention a limited multilingual resource in the tour guide industry. In the face of such circumstances, our team came up with an idea of making a chatbot with 24 hours online access which can connect with tourists on their vacation. The chatbot will provide suggestions for tourists based on their personal preference in different languages through interactive communications. For instance, if the tourist is planning a cycling trip, the chatbot will provide different local famous cycling routes with details like the length, estimated time required, popularity ranking and difficulty level etc. It is worth noticing that the chatbot will also list out all bicycle shops and bicycle sharing stations nearby once the tourist chooses their designated cycle route. Besides, the user- friendly travel agency chatbot will also help tourists make appointments for restaurants, workshops or even cabs/uber in only one single step. All in all, the new chatbot is expected to promote tourism in Hong Kong effectively as it expands its network. Programming languages like python are used to create and develop the chatbot.