Undergraduate YPEC 2022

UG17 – Smart garbage bin(smartybin)

Purpose – The waste problem is a growing issue in Asia, with Hong Kong facing serious garbage issues. Smartybin can promote recycling and waste management. This bin can identify different types of waste using AI-based recognition and Machine Learning. The bin can perform automatic sorting and has a filling level sensor placed inside it to send a signal to empty the bin when it is filled. This way of handling waste encourages smooth recycling and reduces the amount of work done by sanitation workers to manage the waste manually. Structure: A motion sensor will be installed on the device. Whenever a hand is waived above the sensor, the hole cover will automatically open. Function: This intelligent bin will smartly manage waste with the help of AI; when the objects are identified, they will be separated into their respective zones. Four zones will be : 1.Plastic 2.Paper 3.Glass 4.Metal The bin will have a waste management data processing system through the Internet of Things, the number of bottles thrown will be counted, and real-time data will be uploaded to the cloud. The compactor installed will compress the garbage in order to allow more garbage to be filled than standard garbage.