Undergraduate YPEC 2022

UG15 – Medical Record Synchronical System

Hospitalization demand has been increasing in recent years as the population ages. There is a gap between the hospital authority and patients, leading to chaotic and untimely medical records. We explore the potential of creating a system that medical professionals can use to access patient-specific clinical information. Our mobile phones contain several useful built-in health record features, including heart rate monitoring, walking patterns, double support times, sleeping history, and so on. However, there is still a deficiency in systems in this field. We believe the above-mentioned components are important for assisting doctors in making precise decisions. Therefore, we plan to create a “bridge” between the built-in mobile phone health system and the hospital medical record system. Through this system, the data from hospital authorities and mobile health data will be synchronized. The health data on patients’ mobile devices will be uploaded to the medical authorities. Similarly, the medical record from the hospital authority would be notified on the user’s mobile phone. With cloud computing technology, statistics will be calculated and estimated. Artificial Intelligence will generate simple health suggestions for better medical decisions. It is believed that this is a suitable design for improving our medical system.