Undergraduate YPEC 2022


Air quality is worsening as each day passes due to the emission of various pollutants in the air. Therefore, CAIR is created to serve the purpose of measuring the air quality around us and informing users of the concentration of various pollutants and air quality around the users, hence notifying information regarding the exposure through a personalized mobile app, which in turn prompts the mobile to beep when the air quality is dangerous. Consequently, it could warn users if the air quality of the environment CAIR is placed in is dangerous. Subsequently, it could prompt people with pre-existing respiratory conditions or sensitive respiratory health to take precautionary measures. Moreover, CAIR could also be the decorative piece in your living room due to its elegant design. It also releases scents according to the mood input by users on the app, acting as an air diffuser. CAIR measures the air quality in your homes by measuring the levels of NO2,CO, Formaldehyde(VOCs) and SO2 in the air. We are planning to make CAIR easily portable so as to detect the air quality that a person is exposed to at all times for the best well-being of the user anywhere, anytime.