Undergraduate YPEC 2022

UG05 – All in one lung cancer diagnostic platform

According to the cancer statistics provided by Hong Kong Cancer Registry(2022), lung carcinoma is the leading cancer killer in Hong Kong, with 5575 new cases (15.9 %) and 4033 death cases (27.1 %) in 2019. Most patients are dying after being diagnosed at an advanced stage, that the tumor is too large or has metastasized. Therefore, it is essential to find a simple way to detect lung cancer at an early stage so that the survival rate can be increased. With the significant breakthroughs of deep learning these years, deep learning algorithms for pathological cell detection and classification, segmentation, auto diagnosis, etc., are extensively studied. The advantages of deep learning-aided diagnosis include reducing the time and human labor needed to examine and diagnose patients, as well as providing relatively objective suggestions. Therefore, we also include a deep learning model to help speed up and improve the diagnosis quality in this project. This project proposes an all-in-one platform for lung cancer diagnosis, integrating online booking, AI-aided diagnosis, and timely diagnosis delivery. In addition, a novel data sharing mechanism, i.e., data renting, is proposed to promote development in medical AI applications. This platform can make the lung cancer diagnosis process more convenient and accurate.