Undergraduate YPEC 2022

UG03 – Milestone of the home networking

Nowadays, WiFi is essential for every family. However, the inflexible position of the modem and router is the main restriction. Traditionally, we may use optical fabric to connect the modem and WAN wire to connect the modem and router. For this limitation, we used a pair of preinstalled transmitter and receiver to replace the WAN wire. The Internet signal can be transferred through these devices wirelessly, and the WAN wire is no longer necessary. Using the above benefit, we also designed the light bulb with lighting and Internet access functions. We can consider a light bulb as a router. Such as a 600 feet house, we can use two light bulbs with an Internet access function to form a WiFi mesh system, which can cover the whole house without any Internet blind spot. In the future, we believe that this invention can be used in many applications. For example the VR, home automation system. The linkage between electrical devices and people will be stronger.