Undergraduate YPEC 2022

UG02 – Amyra – Frictional Ebike Conversion Kit

Amyra aims to accelerate India and Hong Kong’s transition to electric vehicles. Electric bikes are very expensive and most people seeking an ebike already own a conventional bicycle. Amyra is an affordable (~$150) ebike conversion fit, designed to be compatible with most bikes on the market, that emphasizes user experience over performance. It focuses on easy installation (~5 mins) without any power tools, complex procedures, and part removal. Moreover, the kit is designed to be a modular snap-fit so it can be removed from the bike when required. This is to ensure that users can enjoy a conventional bike experience whenever they want (e.g. mountain biking or exercising) and can benefit from the ebike during casual or long-distance commutes. This is achieved with a friction drive motor mounted on the bike frame that drives the back wheel. The battery is designed to fit in a bottle mount on the bike and the system, along with the paddle assist, can be controlled using an interface on the bike handle. Finally, it offers a full three-phase sinusoidal motor control, making for a very quiet system operation.