Secondary School YPEC 2022

SS15 – MedMadeEasy – medication management made easy

Poor medication adherence due to forgetfulness, a common problem in elderly patients, can lead to poor disease control which can lead to serious complications, or even fatal outcomes. So, we created MedMadeEasy, a medication dispensing machine that simplifies and facilitates medication management. Firstly, our machine allows the patients or their carers to pre-pack the medication into boxes and set alarms that will remind patients to take their medication on time. Our machine will then automatically dispense the correct amount and type of medication. To verify the medication, patients can show what they have taken to the camera of our machine. Additionally, the camera will allow carers to remotely supervise the patient while taking medication, if necessary. Our machine also has additional features to improve user accessibility. These include: an option for carers to customise and record the instructions for their patients; automated vocal instructions in many languages and dialects, if carers don’t wish to record; interactive animations that show how to use the machine; and operations in many languages. In conclusion, MedMadeEasy helps patients, especially the elderly, to take medication on time; helps improve the health of patients; minimises medication mistakes, and makes taking medication easy for all.