Secondary School YPEC 2022

SS14 – Sheild of Underwater

The underwater drone aims to enhance people’s awareness of environmental protection, highlighting the severe impact of marine pollution on humans and marine life, allowing people to understand the significance of protecting the environment. The drone is built from waterproof material to prevent it from collapsing due to water pressure. Through a camera, the drone plunges into the ocean to scan seabed garbage locations. It pinpoints its corresponding location through signal equipment and maps for future cleaning. After the filming, the video is posted on social media to inform citizens about the grave problems of aquatic pollution. The drone’s camera footage will be shared with the public and propagate the importance of preserving the aquatic environment. It allows citizens to see the severe underwater accumulation and the risks of diving injuries. The footage will amplify the motivation of people to keep the aquatic environment clean. Cleaning underwater litter can recede accidents caused by drifting debris such as plastic bags. Cleaning underwater waste minimizes the premature death of marine animals due to swallowing coasting debris, impairing the marine life chain. In the future, we hope to cooperate with the government or other organizations for a hygienic underwater environment.