Secondary School YPEC 2022

SS13 – Optimized Traffic Lights

This project to optimize the traffic lights system with the aim of helping to reduce traffic accidents that involve drivers and pedestrians We plan to implement artificial intelligence into our system. We would make use of an open source computer vision library(OpenCV). OpenCV is a library of programming functions mainly aimed at real-time vision. We plan to train our system to recognize and differentiate people in need. In this way traffic lights can automatically increase the amount of time for crossing a road when a person in need, for example, a baby carriage or an old man is detected crossing the road. These solutions are very helpful to people who cannot walk fast. Another benefit is that the traffic lights will allow a car to move when no one is waiting to cross the road. It is believed that the optimized traffic lights can reduce traffic jams. Therefore, the road safety and road efficiency can be enhanced.