Secondary School YPEC 2022

SS12 – The Minibus Tracker

The Minibus Tracker is a device that tracks the distance between a minibus and a minibus using a GPS device installed in a new type of minibus. Another device is also placed at the minibus station to show on a display screen how long it will take a minibus to arrive. The Minibus Tracker is useful to people who do not want to be late for work or an appointment. When a person misses a minibus, they can look at the amount of time left until the next minibus arrives so that they can decide whether they should wait for the next minibus or take another kind of public transport. For future development of our design, we can add more information to the display. For example, the number of vacant seats in each minibus. Passengers always do not know how many seats are available if they want to get on a minibus halfway of the route. Therefore, with such a design, people in Hong Kong can have a more convenient life.